• Add incredible personal journeys on to your safari itinerary
• Tailor a safari to your interests
• Visit local people and communities
• An inexpensive way to get more from your safari

Traditional safaris are an archetypal African dream seeing spotted hyena lapping from a watering hole, lions feasting on a kill or elephants striding confidently across the plains. SereAdventure offers more than the traditional game viewing safari by giving you the opportunity to get out of the vehicle and see people, landscape and animals in innovative and interactive ways. We personalise your safari to bring you new encounters according to your interests. Whether it is:

Biking, walking or running to the shores of Lake Manyara

Cultural exchanges and interactions with local villages or tribes close to the national parks. Such as the Wahazabe near Lake Eyasi, one of the last remaining hunter gather tribes left in the world or the cosmopolitan village of Mto Wa Mbu near Lake Manyara.

Walking in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area with nothing more than your Masaai Guide and your donkeys for company

Playing football against a local village team

Staying with local families to experience true African village life

All these can be experienced as the aim or as an add-on to your journey and represent some of the best experiences you can find in Tanzania. Too many people come to Tanzania and view it from the window of a car or the sun lounger on the beach, when the greatest experiences are when you breathe the air of the bush, meet and share life with the peoples of the wonderfully hospitable country which is Tanzania.

Whatever you budget, time or interests we can create a safari itinerary which will live long in the memory, an archetypal journey to the heart of your dream of Africa. Contact us now with your dates and we can suggest the best Tanzania can offer.