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Less frequented than the parks in the north, the southern circuit of Selous Game Reserve, Udzungwa Mountains, Mikumi and Ruaha national parks provide a sense of adventure which can be explore by plane, train or 4x4 out of Dar es Salaam. For those with limited time and larger budget we organise tailor made itineraries for the southern circuit usually by air due to the long land journeys to Ruaha and Selous. Accommodation is in luxury camps, which generally start from £150 per person per night full board.

The southern circuit offers the ultimate get away from it all safari without totally breaking the bank. The only other vehicles or humans you will see are those staying in your camp and the staff working there. Please enquire about a southern circuit safari as we can plan an incredibly special journey.

Udzungwa Mountains National Park is a recently established conservation area in south-central Tanzania. The major attraction of the park is its bio-diversity and unique rainforest with many rare plants not found elsewhere in the world. Home to six types of primate as well as populations of elephant buffalo, lion, leopard and wild dog as well as rare species of forest bird only recently discovered.
A 5 hour drive from Dar es Salaam

Mikumi National Park is situated less than 300 kilometres from Dar es Salaam, which makes it a very popular park due to its accessibility. The Mikumi flood plain dominates the park, where lion is commonly seen as are packs of wild dog, a rarity elsewhere in Africa. Giraffe, elephant, zebra, buffalo, wildebeest, eland, crocodiles, monitor lizard and python are some of the many inhabitants of Mikumi. 
A 4 hour drive or 1 hour flight from Dar es Salaam

Ruaha National Park’s previous inaccessibility makes it one of Tanzania’s best kept secrets and has ensured that it is virtually unchanged for centuries. Covering 10,300 sq km Ruaha is Tanzania’s largest elephant sanctuary, deriving its name from the Great Ruaha River which flows through its eastern border, creating spectacular gorges. The Great Ruaha is home to hippo and crocodile; waterbuck, reedbuck and buffalo venture to the river’s edge to drink attracting the attention of lion, leopard, hyena, wild dog and jackal. 
A 10 hour drive or 90 minute flight from Dar es Salaam

Selous Game Reserve is the largest protected wildlife area in Africa. A UN World Heritage site, this uninhabited area is larger than Switzerland. Only in the Serengeti will visitors see a greater concentration of wildlife as Selous boast Tanzania’s largest population of Elephant as well as large numbers of buffalo, hippo and wild dog. Other species commonly seen are lion, bushbuck, impala, giraffe, eland, baboon, zebra and greater kudu.
A 9 hour drive or 90 minute flight from Dar es Salaam